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Nest Cam detects dog as person

Community Member

Nest cam outdoor (battery) detects a dog as a person many times per day.  Dog is usually 10-20 feet from the camera on the concrete patio in the daylight with no obstructions in the videos.  Are there any changes I can make to improve the person detection?


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Dscottnm,

Thanks for reaching out here in the Community. We use machine learning to ensure animal notifications are as accurate as possible, but the technology isn't always perfect. Your camera is more likely to accurately detect animals that are larger, nearby, and within clear view of the camera. And your camera or doorbell may misidentify things like:


  • Confuse a picture with a real event. For example, a picture of a dog on a t-shirt might trigger an "Activity or animal" event.
  • A person could be misidentified as an animal in some situations, like if they're crawling on the ground, or bent over to do housework.
  • An animal may be missed.
  • Other objects, such as a shadow or bush, may be misidentified as an animal.

To learn more, you may visit our public article “Animal detection


I appreciate the help, MplsCustomer.