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New Nest Floodlight Cam Not showing up with other cameras

Community Member

I just added a Nest Floodlight cam to my home. I have 4 other nest cams that all show up in the nest app. The new camera is setup and working, but is not showing up in the nest videos I monitor from my computer!!


Bronze Product Expert
Bronze Product Expert


You have discovered what many of us have discovered. Astonishingly, the new Google Nest cameras that all of us purchased in the fall of 2021 do NOT work with the Google Nest app and do NOT show up on the website where all of our other Google Nest cameras appear.

Google's justification for this (along with many customer comments) can be found in these blogs on this forum:

Wonderful. I hope Google creates that Home Web solution soon. I bought 2 of those $280.00 Floodlight Cameras and they are useless to me right now !!

Community Member

I wouldn't hold my breath.  I would imagine they mean Dec of 2022.  This is really frustrating.  I really want the floodlight cameras but the mounting is messed up and now this.  

Community Member

I know. The floodlight cams themselves are nice, but expensive. I purchased two of them on a $50 off Black Friday sale.

Mounting and wiring is easy, I mounted one above my garage and one in my backyard.

I like the fact that they can differentiate between, people, animals and vehicles and have face recognition, which my old nest cams do not.

I found a way to monitor them on my PC utilizing BlueStacks, an Android emulator. That will hold me over until Google finally gets the web version up and running.