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Yale lock does not work after only 6 months

Community Member

My door lock broke yesterday after working properly for 6 month. I called the support center.  After being on the phone for more than 30 minutes they told me to call the specialist, so I did. I had to explain the issue to three specialist and the third one told me that the only thing he could do was to set up an appointment with a technician who would have come to my house for no more than 1 hour at the price of 129$. I said that I do not feel fair for me to pay 129$ for diagnostic of a problem of a product that under the law is covered by warranty being less than one year old. The specialist said that google have the best technicians in the field and replied I guess, considering that they are paid 129$ an hour!!! I am not saying that they are not good, I am saying that no other company had me ever pay for diagnostic, I had issues with Apple products and Bose products, never payed a dime for diagnostic, especially under warranty. Then the specialist started saying that probably the problem was created during the installation and that I made it install by a cheap handy man: now, how can a lock work for 6 month and all of a sudden decide not to work any more because of how it is installed? He also said that the lock is manufactured by Yale that is the best in the world. It may be the best in the world, but my lock is broken, I can not lock or unlock my door, and I have to pay 129$ for someone to come and tell me that is broken? Is this a serious company? I may be repeating myself but it is a scam to have customer pay for diagnostic.