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1st gen Chromecast setup issues with new Google Mesh + Home

Community Member

Recently bought Google Mesh and wanted to set up my Chromecast on this new Wi-Fi network. The Google Home app identified my 1st gen Chromecast and indicated to follow a few more steps for 'Chromecast activation' using the Device utility app. After completing two steps, the Device utility app then directs me to different instructions (since I have a 1st gen) telling me to connect to Chromecast as the Wi-Fi and then come back to Device utility. I follow those instructions, but when I come back to the Device utility app it's telling me to turn off my Wi-Fi (which I had to turn on per the other instructions to connect to Chromecast as the Wi-Fi).  I'm stuck in an instructions loop.

If the solution is to give up and buy a new Chromecast and then so be it but I didn't want to put this one in the landfill since it was still working until I factory reset it to connect to the new Wi-Fi. Please lmk yours thoughts!