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Community Member

Please moderators - please - STOP LOCKING THREADS.

It's TOTALLY counter-productive.  A user has to start a BRAND NEW THREAD each time their old thread gets locked. (And what's worse, it gets locked on the apparent assumption that the problem vanished on its own, which is NOT the case the vast majority of the time.

Please stop locking threads.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Wsalopek,


We hear you and we understand why you feel that way. As Community Specialists, we occasionally do a bit of housekeeping to keep the conversations in our Community fresh and relevant. This includes locking threads after a period of inactivity. We invite users to search the Community to see if a discussion is open and ongoing about their topic. If not, they can feel free to start a new thread.


However, if you have an ongoing issue, please tell us more about it so we can further assist you.




I strongly disagree Jennifer.  You are making MORE work for yourselves AND the users by making the user frequently create ANOTHER thread (and another and another) addressing the SAME EXACT ISSUE. 

Look - I've never seen ANY other forum where the moderators go around closing threads (not that I scour every corner of the internet).  I'd think that should give you guys a clue as to what's best? Or at least what is normal/expected, even if it's not the best?

These forums are much HARDER to use because of the moderator's actions.  Good grief.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello Wsalopek,


We appreciate you sharing your thoughts about this. Rest assured that we'll take note of it and we'll take your experience as feedback as we continually improve our products and services.