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Anybody have success getting GHA to talk/control 3rd party products like iRobot or Sonos?

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I now have my house setup with about 20 control points for lighting.   Switches, outlets, plug-in outlets, and 3 relay controllers.   I've got my routines running on my GMini and for the most part it's working, although spotty WiFi strength to some control points might be a problem.   I started experimenting with "Ok Google" and am able to turn lights on/off and run routines.   So next step was to see if I could get Google to play Sonos in a room with a stream from Pandora we like OR turn on/off the TV through the HDMI-ARC connection from the Sonos Amp.   So far any attempt to control Sonos from the GMini via asking yields "Sorry it looks like Sonos is unavailable right now".   Similarly we have an iRobot Roomba vacuum and ahead of the holidays guests arriving I thought it would be cool to say "Ok Google have Roomba clean the living room" but that yields a similar reply "Sorry it looks like iRobot Smart Home is unavailable right now".   I have the links established in the GHA and in the individual apps I have granted permission to control from another, so this should work in theory.....has anyone been successful in getting this to work and/or know of what the trick is to get this working?