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Calendar and Schedule integration with Home.

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Schedules - looking at the new Script Editor, and the scheduler options aren't as detailed as I need.

My use case is that I have four different recycling bins on my driveway, with four different collection schedules. I want to be able to get notified with coloured lights to remind me to go and move that bin to the end of the driveway. 

The 4 schedules are:

Green: Weekly
Blue: 2 Weekly (week 1)
Black: 2 Weekly (week 2)
Brown: Monthly.

Currently the scheduler in the script editor (and also that in the Google Home app) can't do more than a weekly schedule. The other way I could see this working is if the Google Calendar could be used to trigger a device in the home, or if Calendar could be queried for events (the way IFTTT allows).

Are there any plans to increase the complexity of the scripting Scheduler, or even better, a calendar integration?

(*Placed on "Speakers and Displays" because I couldn't find anywhere better to send it - but, tangentially, displays can show calendar and home devices, so there's that...)



@Spraggle - You're right that we currently only support weekly schedule but this is a great feature request that we are taking a note of. Thanks for sharing.


Also if you don't mind submitting, it would be awesome to capture this idea here.

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this is a great idea, any thoughts on how we could implement it?

I envisage that when you come to schedule, you get a slider that asks if you need a simple schedule or a complex one. If you slide it over, the controls change and offer additional options.

I've seen the more complex ones done with drop downs that offer Weekly, Bi Weekly, Monthly on Date X or Monthly on Day of Week.

As for the integration with Calendar, you would have a radio button that says something like "Event from Google Calendar", which would then give you a button to establish permission, then you would find the calendar event and trigger. 

When I had this set up on IFTTT, this was done via a Search term - so I searched for "* Bin", since my events were Green Bin, Blue Bin, Brown Bin, etc.