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Can you put a device in more than one room?

Community Member

I am hoping I am just missing something. I have 2 groups of lights in my kitchen. I control one group of lights in a room called Island, I have another group in a room called Round.  What I would like to do is put both groups in a room called Kitchen so I can tell the assistant to turn off kitchen and all the lights will go out, but I can still control each group independently.  Is this possible in GHA? Or is there a place I can group devices without a room?   I may be setting this up all wrong.  I have it like this on my Alexa but am hoping to move off of that.



You could probably create a routine.  The Starter would be a voice command like "Turn on kitchen lights".  The Action would be to "Adjust Home Devices".  Specify all the lights to turn on - those in the kitchen.  Create another one to "Turn off kitchen lights".