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Checking warranty manually

Community Member

I have a Nest Camera  that will not power up.  I need to check to see if it is still under warranty.   How can I do that if the device is not listed under my home?   Is there a way to type the serial number in manually?




You could try contacting Support using the link and instructions in the post below:

I don't think there is any way to look up our warranties online.

Generally, the one-year warranty period starts with the date of purchase.  At least that's what Google Nest told us when we tried to get doorbells replaced that were more than a year past their purchase date.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi folks,


Thanks for reaching out.  I just want to check if you managed to see the response above. Were you able to get in touch with our support team by visiting the link provided above? Please let us know if you still have questions or concerns, as we'll be willing to assist you further.


I appreciate the input, @MplsCustomer.




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I sent in the information.   I was contacted by support.   I was supposed to get a return call from support.  The issue was never resolved.  I still have a dead camera.   

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Nest Learning Thermostat.

I have brand new thermostat and it is not connecting to WIFI. I have tried resetting it to factory settings and tried to register to account but can't get through. It is not finding any WIFI networks in WIFI settings. How can I check the warranty of this thermostat? Please help.