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Device to convert WIFI to Ethernet cable

Community Member

I have a google mesh system. I really like it. I have one problem though. The mesh wants an Ethernet cable to input the internet signal. I recently switched to a Tmobobile ISP. It gets an input from the cellular towers and has an output that is Ethernet cable. That cable reports an incorrect location. I have been through it with T Mobile and Google. Trust me, they have no solution. The Tmobile router doesn't provide an Ethernet signal that has the correct location. This means everything in my house that works from the mesh has incorrect time, weather, and everything else associated with the location. If I could convert that Ethernet cable signal used by the Mesh to use the Tmobile WIFI signal I would be good to go. The Tmobile WIFI works fine. It is just the cable ports that think they are back at the Tmobile mother-ship. I have done hours now and Google mentioned a bridge. Most of them I see come in pairs. What I need is one that intercepts WIFI internet signals and converts them to an Ethernet cable.