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Does anybody know what the top 10 feature requests are for Google Home App?

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      I recently started exploring replacing my legacy X10 Home Automation system with Google Home App (GHA) + various 3rd party devices.   I'm uncovering a ton of things I would like to see in GHA and I see lots of posts about feature requests BUT everything I see says use the feedback loop in GHA to tell the development team.  OK I just did that but how do I know they got it?  Where does my requests rank vs other requests?   What's coming in the next update/release?   I'm only on this journey about 2 weeks so maybe I'm not looking in the right location.

    Here is what I just typed on my phone to provide feedback to Google, I'm curious anyone agree with these asks?  Not that a ton of people saying yes here is going to change anything but I think we could build momentum if more people provided feedback like this:

I have a ton of feedback as a legacy X10 Home Automation user who is upgrading whole home to Google Home Automation (GHA).

1) It's a PITA to provide feedback through my phone. Can we have a desktop WebUI form so I can type with a keyboard?

2)Wish U had a way to access config GHA from desktop too. Again creating routines, assigning rooms, managing a ton of devices would be easier on a desktop screen.

3) I installed GHA app on my big Samsung tablet logged in and expected too see my Home, device list, routines that I created on my phone but nothing. I started to recreate my home & it discovered some devices, phantom Sonos devices, none of my rooms or routines. This sux! I don't want to have to recreate my config on my tablet then my wifes phone. How do I clone a config or keep my config in sync w/other devices. I don't have this problem with other apps Sonos is a good example.

4) I have installed a lot of GoSund Toggle switches where I had X10 switches. I want a switch 2B a starter 4A routine.  Example I have 2 back porches & upstairs deck.  I want to be able to toggle switch in bedroom and turn on back porch light in all three locations. Or toggle it to turn all three off too.  Each location has a WiFi toggle switch

5) In X10 they had an all on or all off button on their RF remote. I have created similar routine in GHA app & put quick launch icon on my phone. IMO U should have default All On & All Off routines that when a new devices is added to app it automatically gets added to that routine. Now how do I get that quick launch icon on my wifes phone? I know your pushing everything 2B audio prompts 2 Hay Google but not everybody wants that!

6) IF I understand U just recently added Sunrise/set to Start a routine which was a must have 4me. How about adding a Security checkbox to enable a more random on/off time to make a house look lived in when nobody is home. Enabling Security checkbox would modify on/off time upto +/- 15mins.

7) U offer Home or Away mode, I need/want a Vacation mode the only runs a subset of my routines. Maybe Away can do this 4me but appears UR trying to do more location based triggering & I want front porch light to always turn on/off while inside background lights should be on when I'm Away but not come on when we R on vacation.

Enough 4 now U don't know hard this is to do on my phone please email me for more details



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An additional point/something I should have included in my previous post.  In asking the question of what are the top 10 feature/enhancement requests;  I was hoping to find aWebpage page we use to call RankIt or RateIt which basically give users a way to inform Google Development that hay there all these +1's driving a feature to the top of the list of most desired features.  By crowd sourcing input from users it quickly becomes apparent what most folks are asking for be added into the product.   Lazarus or Forum admin could easily put a poll up of the top 10 feature enhancements and include Other: and let people type in something if what they type out numbers the ranking of the top 10 in the poll than that feature becomes #1 in the top 10.   Just thinking out loud here....

Hey there, 

I appreciate the feedback and I love the passion for wanting to help us to make our products and services better. Unfortunately, we don't have a place that is somewhere that customer's can view what the next features are going to be or a roadmap of what is coming down the pipeline. I definitely think all of these suggestions are great and am happy to pass this feedback along. 

Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. 

Best regards, 

Garrett DS

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Garrett DS, how can you/Google expect prospective customers to want to invest in your technology without some sort of roadmap to know the direction the development of these apps/products is going?    Admittedly maybe I'm a little old school and I struggle to figure out how Google staffs development of products like the Google Home App that is essentially free.     An app that doesn't directly make money can't have a staff IMO.   On the same token failing to plan for this app development is planning for failure!   I can see this app is the glue that brings value to all of the NEST products being sold so the reality Google does make money selling products which probably helps fund the development of GHA.  I'm at an inflection point to stay with GHA that I have no idea what direction the product is going or move on to an established 3rd party product that appears to give me more if not all of the features I desire.   I want to do an apples-to-apples comparison of the features of GHA with other 3rd party apps.  I struggle to find a GHA user manual, admin manual, any documentation for GHA, FAQ's, etc.     The most details I can find are the few paragraphs under "About this app" in the Play Store.  Support is limited to the forums that are crowd sourced input with a few select specialists like you.   IDK maybe I'm answering my own concern/questions; IF you want a product with a roadmap, support, and manuals buy 3rd party!

Hi there MotoringMariah, 

I totally understand the concerns and again, I'm more than happy to pass this feedback along. I was also able to find a great article that you can use to pass your feedback along about the Google Home app directly to our team. 

Please let me know if you have any further questions as I will locking this thread within 24 hours. 

Hey folks, 

It looks like we haven't heard back from the OP so I'm going to go ahead and lock the thread. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to create a new thread. 


Have a great day,

Garrett DS