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GH Routines on tablet not pausing music...

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I created a routine to turn on lights and play music on my new Lenovo tab plus. When I run the routine from the Tablet it works perfectly. Turns on the gym lights and starts my Siriusxm station through the SXM app. I created a second routine to turn off the lights and stop music. This routine does turn off the lights but errors out stating I need to specify the device in order to stop the music. I edited the option to "Stop Music on Lenovo Tab Plus" but it still errors out. There is no device option for the Lenovo in the routines. Is there a workaround or am I missing/doing something wrong?


Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

Just out of curiosity...

Under routines in Google Home app is "Start Your Routines on",  set to "This device"

Are you able to stop the music using a voice command on the device rather than the routine?

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Community Specialist

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