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Google Home - Fire your product team and listen to your consumers

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Why do you insist on breaking what works, introducing features that people didnt request and delaying the things that we are. I have been trying to find out why you insist on rolling back functionality to the point where I should just throw my ecosystem out and get an i phone all the while I feel like you must spend all your time making icons. I dont care about icons, bring back media controls.  


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I faced the same issue with my product team. They kept introducing features that nobody asked for and neglected the ones we actually needed. To solve this problem, I gathered feedback from our consumers through surveys and direct communication.

I then presented this data to the product team, emphasizing the importance of listening to our users. We made changes based on their feedback, brought back the media controls and focused on delivering what our consumers really wanted. It improved our product significantly and our users were much happier with the updates. Visit more

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I've requested a public bug/feature tracker. You can support that here 

Then it would feel like we had a voice instead of screaming into the void...

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Are you referring to the media controls that they can no longer have because of the Sonos lawsuit? 

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I'm not sure what the original post was referring to but I've now had several apps, like the Rinnai tankless water heater that no longer work with Google, stating that Google rolled out API changes that prevent voice functionality. However, some still do work so I presume it is just the approach those apps took?