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Google Home Routines

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Looking for some Google home routine ideas from other users? 


Community Member

Here goes mine…

I get today’s weather forecast, sunset time, a voice command to get out of bed, followed by music every weekday.

I have my iPad, phone and smart watch chargers all plugged into one power bank. They’re scheduled to come on 04:00 - 07:00 every night.

I have a home office desk with a power bank running everything. 8:30 am it switches on the power bank, turning on my 3 monitors, dock, powerline adapter, desk lamp and laptop (shame I can’t get it to boot up).

I've also got lamps in my office. I have a 18:00 routine to switch off everything in my home office room.

Finally, at Xmas, I use it to schedule turning decoration lights on and off again.

Hope that helps or inspires. I’d also love to hear others ideas!