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Google integration with IFTTT will be changing - why? Can the change be stopped?

Community Member
According to this article, Google integration with IFTTT will be changing
and for those of you using Push2Run, on the face of it, it doesn't look good at all.
So my question is,  can the change be stopped? 
I am the author of Push2Run (a freeware windows program that lets you control your Windows PC with your Google home/nest/assistant etc.) using among other things IFTTT.  The program has been available and in development for the last five years and is used by thousands of people.
However, the change described in the link above is scheduled to take place at the end of the month and looks like it will be pretty much the death of Push2Run.
I've put a post on the user forum, and try and keep people up to date through it:
But I would appreciate some feed back, especially from Google if they are reading this post, to know if the discussion to curtail support can be reversed. 
Discussion and comments from non-Google folks is also welcome.