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How do I remove a device from a Routine that no longer exists?

Community Member

Struggling to remove a reference in my automation routines to a device I replaced.   Govee makes LED lighting controllers.  I had two on my Patio, one on the east side one on the west side.   The West Side controller died over the summer so I just replaced it.    Govee knows I have only 3 devices but Google thinks I have four Govee devices even though one has been deleted.    I have tried resync'ing my Govee account with GHA but it still thinks I have a non-existent device and every time my routines run I get an error about the missing device is not reachable.

Example my SunSet routine thinks I have two Pergola Lights West (yellow box) when I actually only have one:


In GHA My Patio shows only two Govee Devices, East & West.  The 3rd light is on my BigAss Fan.


Govee see's my East & West Light, I've configured a spare controller to test the LED Light Strips and associated that with my workshop/garage:

Screenshot_20211115-111747_Govee Home.jpg

I have four routines that run before sunset, at sunset, before bedtime, and after bed all complain about the non-existent device that is not reachable.  Garrett how do I remove reference to this non-existent device?