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I have 2 Google subscription accounts with multiple items on both

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A good few years back, I installed 2 Nest IQ Outdoor Cameras and a Nest Thermostat - these are currently under the old Nest subscription which is due to expire next week and is linked to one G Mail Account. I never migrated them when asked a few years ago.

I recently installed a further doorbell and indoor camera and used the free trial period however, this subscription is linked to a separate G Mail Account and the related Google Home App.

Rather than pay for 2 subscriptions, I now want to combine the 2 outdoor cameras and thermostat on to my newer related Gmail account and Google Home App. I did try rescanning the QR code on the back of one of the outdoor cameras however, it automatically started re-joining the old Nest App.

Do I simply need to reset the camera and try reading the QR code again on the Google Home App, or is it a much more difficult process. Additionally, how do I move the thermostat across to view in the Google Home app?

Really appreciate some help.




You have several complications:

1. You need to migrate your Nest Account to a Google Account, but I don't know how you do this if you are already using a gmail account in the Google Nest app. Perhaps it will let you "migrate" to that same gmail account. (We migrated from a non-gmail account to a gmail account several years ago.)

2. You've set up a doorbell and camera in the Google Home app on a different gmail account. Because that gmail account is in use for Google Nest products, you cannot migrate your old Nest Account to THAT gmail account, though Google Nest does not specifically document this.

3. You cannot install your Google Nest IQ Outdoor Cameras and Nest Thermostat in the Google Home app; they still get installed in the Google Nest app.

So, first you'll need to figure out whether you can "migrate" your Nest Account to the Google (gmail) Account it already is on. If you cannot, then you may need to create a third gmail account for the migration.

If the migration goes well, you shouldn't have to do anything with your Google Nest IQ Cameras and Nest Thermostat in the Google Nest app. (Once you migrate, you should also be able to see each of these devices in the Google Home app as well, as long as you're logging into the Google Home app with the gmail account to which you migrated. If you do not see your thermostat, there's a separate defect on this. Customers are usually able to fix this by creating a temporary second Google Nest "home/structure" in the Google Nest app, then go to that empty temporary Google Nest "home/structure" in the Google Home app and delete it. This seems to force the 2 apps to sync and the thermostat appears in the Google Home app.)

Then you'll need to do factory resets on your new camera and doorbell and reinstall them in the Google Home app using the Google Account to which you were able to migrate.

You may want to contact Support for assistance on this, since I'm just another Google Nest customer trying to provide you with general guidance on steps that need to be performed with care:

Here are factory reset instructions; be sure to use the "factory reset" options and not the "restart" options:

Hi there,

Firstly, thanks for replying with a decent list of scenarios to try out.

I'm disappointed that Google can't make this process so much simpler, where you just hit a button on one account and it automatically can transfer/ merge one account into another - maybe a Google rep will pop in at some point with a simpler solution!


Thanks again for your suggested actions.

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Just an update for anyone who may find themselves in a similar predicament.

I spoke with Google and as both my accounts has subscriptions and been migrated, it was a straightforward case of:

1. Factory reset for the camera and doorbell

2. Remove them from the Google Home App for that email account

3. Reinstall/ add them under the other email account's Google Home App.

Everything was up and running, with the full 'switch' taking 10 mins.


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Community Specialist

Hello everyone,

@Davy6808, we appreciate you sharing your concern and the steps you've done to resolve the issue. We're glad that it's resolved now. We’ll consider this one complete so let us know if you have other questions or concerns as I will be locking this after 24 hours. Feel free to start a new thread and we'll be happy to help.

I appreciate the help, MplsCustomer.