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Mac Not compatible?

Community Member

It seems that Nest is no longer compatible with mac computers.  Is this so? and if yes, I'll need to look for other cam that are.  Although I've had my nest cams for 5 + years.




If you are referring to the ability to view and administer Google Nest cameras and doorbells on the website (from a browser on a PC or a Mac), the new Google Nest cameras and batteries released starting in 2021 work ONLY in the Google Home app and not in the Google Nest app or on the website.  Our older cameras and doorbells continue to work in the Google Nest app and on the website.

A year ago, Google Nest's Vice President said they planned to release a browser version of the Google Home app in 2022, which would presumably be accessible from both Macs and PCs, but there has been no update on this effort since then: