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Nest App login page leads to endless loop, iOS

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When my wife, who is a member of our Google "family" tries to log into the Nest app on her phone iOS, this is what happens:

Step 1: Blue screen "Welcome home. Sign in with Google"

Step 2: A pop-up dialog opens, ""Nest" Wants to Use "" to Sign In" (Cancel) (Continue)

Step 3: Clicking (Continue) opens the "Choose an Account" full screen dialog. [we select the correct account, this account works in a browser and the Google Home app]

Step 4: New full screen: "Nest wants to access your Google Account" with notifications about what this entails. (Cancel) (Allow)

Step 5: After clicking (Allow) a full screen pops up for <1000 milliseconds saying "This feature needs always-on location permission for this device." with a photo of people unloading a car into a house front entry. There is a (Continue) button at the bottom. The only way to read this page is to take a screenshot because it auto-closes so quickly. After the page auto-closes...

Step 6: Return to Step 1 and repeat.


The Nest app's Location Permissions are already set to "Always" in iOS Settings.

The phone has been restarted, the app has been deleted and reinstalled, the phone has been restarted again.

Any clues about what to try next?






This won't help you, but in the last week or so, other customers in this forum have also been reporting they cannot log onto the Google Nest app. No resolution has been posted yet.

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Our experience exactly ...


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Thank you both for your replies. Even if there's no solution, it is good to know that we are not the only ones. 


On this thread, Google Nest Support did something to resolve the problem:

You could try contacting Support using the link and instructions in this post: