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Nest Guard Offline After Signing up for ADT Offer

Community Member

Hi – not certain if anyone else has encountered this. We finally decided to try the ADT offer to replace Nest Guard and within 2 days of receiving our ADT system, our Nest Guard system stopped working and won't come online. The problem? We have 3 Nest Yale x Locks that need to use the Nest Guard! Now the locks to our home are useless! Massive security risk. Contacted Google Nest Support and keep getting off-shore support that pretends like there is no issue and keeps telling me that I have to PAY for Nest Connects even though Google has stated on forums they will be paying for these Nest Connects in January 2024. See related article here:


Has anyone else had this same problem where Nest Guard stops working when signed up for ADT? Have you found a way to get Google to provide Nest Connects (as promised) without having to pay? 


I don't know about others, but unless we get a massive apology for risking the security of our home, Google and ADT are losing my business and I'm going to tell everyone + my 100K followers on insta about this. I don't normally get on a soapbox about stuff like this, but this is down right unethical and wrong.