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Nest doorbell (wired) is connected to another

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This is a brand new Installation of Nest hello. 
I did have it connected through Google Home and saw video after I close things up. I was unable to access it after that point.  Now all I get is, it is connected to another account, but I only have one and  now all I get is, it is connected to another account, but I One account which also has my Nest protect that I can see. I have all the boxes and literature, since this is a new installation yesterday. 
How do I unassociated this unit from an account which I have no access




Where are you seeing a message saying your doorbell is connected to another account? Are you trying to install your doorbell again? If so, that's the error you get if you try to reinstall the doorbell without first removing it from the Google Home app and doing a factory reset. (The install process does not check which account it is connected to)

If you installed your doorbell in the Google Home app, then you have a 2nd gen Google Nest Doorbell, not a Nest Hello Doorbell.

The 2nd gen Google Nest Doorbell can only be accessed in the Google Home app, and NOT in the Google Nest app.

Nest Protects can only be accessed in the Google Nest app.

Are you logging onto the Google Nest app (using the "Sign in with Google" option) and the Google Home app using the same Google Account, and accessing the same Google Nest "home/structure" in each app? (The name of the Google Nest "home/structure" displays on the initial screen in each app.)

Yes this is correct. 
i can only access both the Nest Hello and Protect with the Nest app, Google nest login. 
In the nest app I see both the protect and camera. Then the app communicates with both units. The protect reply but the camera now gives me the message “ connected to another account. 


Okay, you have a Nest Hello Doorbell, which you installed in the Google Nest app, NOT in the Google Home app.

I'm confused, however. You say you can see both the Nest Hello Doorbell and the Nest Protect in the Google Nest app and the Google Nest app "communicates with both units." Where then are seeing the message "connected to another account"? Is the Google Nest app displaying this message when you try to view the doorbell?

Maybe you should consider contacting Support so you can explain more fully what's going on. What you've described so far doesn't make sense to me. You can use the link and instructions in the post below:

Below are the steps I have followed for three days. 
1. start Nest App. Sign in with Google option,  I only see Protect icon in only

2. In settings I select add a product. 
     I add a doorbell. I then scan the code on the paperwork since the doorbell camera is installed. 
also I have tried manually entering the code. 
3. Run through all the installation steps to the request to see the blue ring on the doorbell. 
4. At this point, the Nest App adds the doorbell camera icon and tries to communicate to the Protect and it will successfully then to the doorbell camera. 
5. It is at this point I get the message “camera is connected to another account “

Keep in mind the first time I installed the unit, a few days ago, I did connect and saw video. I assume it timed out and close the video feed. 
i have not been able to regain access. 
I have manually rest the doorbell to factory settings. 
hope this is a clear picture. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello Ripper, 


I understand that you're having trouble connecting your Nest doorbell to the Nest app. I'm here to help you get back online. Just to check: Do you have another family member who has access to the Nest doorbell? How many home structures do you have on your Nest account? If there are more than two home structures, try switching to another home structure. Here is a link on how to switch between homes in the Nest app: Manage homes and products with the Nest app

Thanks for the help, @MplsCustomer.

I look forward to your response.