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Nest thermostats - unable to merge into one home..

Community Member

I have 12 nest thermostats in the same home and had to make 3 different homes using the same address just to connect them , it’s frustrating. Newer generation will not connect to older generation nest as “no connecting device available” so I had to make a second home same address for the new generation nest to connect.. then I had two older nest and I was hoping to add to original account that had 9 nest stats and I had to make a third home same address as they would not connect to original nest app. I tried everything, resetting them all, resetting router, re installing nest and Google home app. Nest products do not play well together. If u have a very large home do not go with nest. Google tech support was unable to help me. On our hub we can’t see 4 of the zones… only the 8 original stats on original home. No way to merge all the stats into one home and sadly they are all in one home. Once you unlink the account on one of the older stats it will never relink to any account even after resetting to factory settings. Nest is made for the people with two to three stats tops and if one breaks good luck getting a. Newer generation to add to your existing home… very poor design 


Community Member

Same problem, except way less thermostats. I am trying to connect one 'home' with the thermostat and the other 'home' that has our ADT and Google Nest dock... another reply said to delete one 'home' and add the thermostat to the other 'home' with the ADT connected but I wasn't able to delete the home. I deleted the thermostat from the home but then wasn't able to add to the ADT home... you are right. poor design!