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Please communicate with us the changes/enhancements being made to help with bug tracking

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Dear Google,

I and I'm sure many others would greatly appreciate some kind of communication regarding changes, enhancements, overall development going on behind the scenes, even at a higher level lacking details since this is a public beta. Unfortunately, when things break or go wrong with a smart home, it's a much bigger impact on our lives than on our phone or something similar. 

Some context: Recently, without making any changes to my home, devices, or network, I've run into issues with my devices and have been unable to find a resolution. One of those issues resolved itself, suggesting it's a Google Home issue. That issue was one brand of devices all randomly going offline in Google Home, but being available in the product's own app. Now there's a new issue that might be due to automations changes - my lights keep getting stuck in an on/off loop. This is unacceptable to experience in the home. I've posted about this particular issue already and awaiting feedback. However, when this first occurred, I feared an electrical problem as nothing in my smart home setup has changed at all. 

Some kind of communication regarding the development and improvements to Google Home would help us identify the cause of some of this unexpected behavior and be able to address it sooner and with less annoyance. For instance telling us something along the lines of "we are working on improving the functions of automations with X, Y, Z. This might affect the way A, B, or C functions" would tell me that when my lights get stuck in this loop, I know it's an automation and I can temporarily turn off that automation. Instead, my family at home have to suffer and be annoyed by lights turning on and off repeatedly. 

Or letting us know you're working on 3rd party APIs would give an explanation to why my devices kept going offline. 

If these are developments you'd like user feedback from, write a post about it so we can discuss it directly as Google works on these aspects. But at least sharing the awareness can help use deal with the potential issues while they're being worked on or worked out. 

Thank you


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello Gk1984,

I know how important this is for you. We're always looking for ways to improve, and we'll take this as feedback. We'll learn from this to deliver a better process and experience in the future.

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with Google Home.

Kind regards,