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Script Editor Announcements on Speakers

Community Member

I am trying to write an automation script that makes an announcement on my speakers that use google assistant. When writing the script using assistant.command.Broadcast i get an error that the device i selected isn't supported. 
However If I go on the Home app and make a routine with the "Communicate and announce " action and set it to "Make an Announcement" using  "Announce to household" with the "All home devices in Home" setting checked that routine will properly make the announcement on my speakers.  Is there a different broadcast action i should be using in my script to get the same functionality as the "Communicate and announce" option in the Home app?


Community Member

What device type are you trying to play through? 

I have QTY 3 nest hubs gen 2 that i can broadcast to with no issue 


- type: assistant.command.Broadcast
      message: Fridge Door is Open
      devices: Living Room Display - Living Room

I'm trying to have it broadcast to my Sonos arc