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Script Editor Not showing

Community Member

Good evening,

I am part of the public preview but I cannot figure out how to access the script editor. When I go to Google Home online, all I see is the page shown below. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Capture.PNG


Community Member

I'm having a similar problem. I've confirmed that I'm part of the public preview, and I can see my camera live feeds at, but I don't see any option for Automations or the script editor. Is this not rolled out to all public preview users yet? 

Community Member

Same here as well. I can see the cameras but I don't have the Automations button. Even trying to navigate to I'm plopped back at the page with my cameras only.

Community Member

It's up now for me


Just checked mine and I see it now. Interestingly, just before this was posted I checked in the Home app on my Pixel and when I follow the instructions from the support page when I tap on Script Editor it just brings me back to my list of automations and even now, with access to the web version, it still does the same thing. Might take some time for that to go live as well.

Yep, up for me now too! Awesome!

Community Member

Hmmm seems to just be a slow rollout I suppose. I'll attempt to be patient. I spoke with Google customer service last night and they had no idea what I was talking about.