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Script editor does not see Switchbot thermometers?

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Hi everyone, 

I am trying to build automation on the Home Script editor but I can't find a solution to my problem. I have 3 thermometers, 1 (T & H Sensor) is connected via Tuya, and 2 (Meter Plus EB and Outdoor Meter) are connected via Switchbot using the Switchbot hub 1. (both devices are Bluetooth and use a hub to sync to Google Home). On the home app in my phones (both Android and ios) and on my Nesthub 2nd gen I am able to see the Switchbot devices

I am able to see my 3 thermometers on my Pixel 6I am able to see my 3 thermometers on my Pixel 6.       Nesthub 2nd genNesthub 2nd gen

Before buying the devices, I also checked the supported devices and saw that Switchbot is a supported manufacturer  (

Switchbot is indicated as a supported partnerSwitchbot is indicated as a supported partner

Yet, when I try to add my devices in the script editor, my thermometers are not shown as valid devices. 

On the script editor, I can't see the switchbot devicesOn the script editor, I can't see the switchbot devices

What am I doing wrong? How can I see my devices on the list to add them to my automation?


Thanks for your help!


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They dont appear to support the meters as starters, only the appliances themselves , and the switchbot as an action since i last tested

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I reached switchbot and they said that it was requested for Google to enable the thermometers as starters but so far Google has not replied. It's a pitty as the thermometers are more accurate than the tuya ones I currently have

La solution va arriver assez rapidement pour Switchbot , ils sont en train de passer l'intégralité de leurs appareils sous Matter.  Et cela va rendre les METER compatibles comme déclencheur.  Le Hub2 de Switchbot est sous Matter et il est compatible on peut utiliser le capteur de température et d'humidité comme déclencheur de script. Dernier exemple , leurs capteurs de porte n'étaient pas compatibles , ils viennent d'être compatible Matter et je peux désormais les utiliser comme déclencheur de sript

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Eventually I bought the hub 2 and I can see it as a starter on the editor, yet, I don't see my other thermostat devices. So, I can only use 1 input, the hub 2 measuring, which continues not to satisfy my automation goals

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I have the some question. Anyone a fix? Or know when the fix is coming?