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Still waiting for a refund! been waiting more than 3 weeks.

Community Member

Hi guys, 


Hope somebody from higher management from Google will actually read this post and help me. 

My Case reference number: 5-2913000036295

I had to pay £100 in advance to get the google nest thermostat engineer out to help me resolve my google replacement thermostat as it was not connecting to my existing Google nest heat-link. 

The google nest customer service representative called Mark had assured me verbally over the phone, and written in black & white from his official google email that I will get a full reimbursement once the issue above had been fully fixed and resolved by attaching the official google nest thermostat engineers invoice to his email which I have done so. 


Its now been close to 3 weeks and still no refund even when I created "Payoneer" account as advice by another google rep called Kath. 


Kath had assured me that the reimbursement had been approved by higher management, and i will get a confirmation email with 24/48hours. Its now been 1 week from Kath so called confirmation and still no confirmation email from either Kath or the Google nest team. 


I am utterly disappointed with all the broken promises and false expectations and I hope someone can actually help me retrieve the hard earn cash that I had to pay upfront for such low quality product that charge at a premium price! 


Where do I go now? As my preferred choice where to pay on credit card to protect myself from situation like this. Its now making thing if this whole operation was a stage and scam! 


Can so body actually help?