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Subscription for camera

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I have a nest camera with a subscription. I got married and moved and tried to set up camera at new house.  I joined under my husbands nest family app.  I set up the camera but it won’t allow me to use the 5 day storage option that I pay for under my account.  How do I make this work ???? 




It sounds like you had the 1st gen Nest Aware subscription (5-day, 24/7 history, subscription is per camera). You can no longer purchase 1st gen Nest Aware subscriptions. My guess is that if you removed your camera from your Nest or Google Account and added it to your husband's Google Nest household, it's not going to let your husband's account add a 1st gen Nest Aware subscription.

However, if your husband's account has the newer Nest Aware subscription, that subscription covers all cameras in the same Google Nest "home".

If you need to contact Google Nest (to cancel your 1st gen Nest Aware subscription), try the "Contact us" link on the page below, under "Nest Aware Premier Care" to "Get 24/7 access to Nest Aware Experts on the Nest Customer Care team. They’re available to answer questions, help you access features, and manage your subscription."

Here's another page on Nest Aware basics:

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Hi folks,


I just wanted to jump in real fast to see if you saw MplsCustomer's reply and to see if you still needed some help on this or if you were able to get it sorted out. If you are still needing some help, just let us know and we'll be happy to continue helping.

I appreciate your help here, MplsCustomer




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Community Specialist

Hi Sharon25,


How's it going? Still need our help?




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Community Specialist

Hey there Sharon25,


We haven't heard from you in a while so we’ll be locking this thread if there’s no update within 24 hours. If you need help in the future, please feel free to start a new thread and we'll be happy to help.


Thanks for the help here, MplsCustomer and JT. I appreciate it!