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Unable to start automation

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I have 3 ambi climate that I use to control my aircons. Created automation via the web editor to turn on when detected ambient temp lower than 17C. However it is intermittently working. I noticed it work when I have the Google Home app open and selected the Aircon device. Other wise the automation does not trigger.

Anyone has this issue too?


Script as per below



  name: If Upstairs rooms lower than 17C, turn on heatpump at 20C

  description: If Upstairs rooms lower than 17C, turn on heatpump at 20C



  # “starters” and “actions” are required; “conditions” are optional.

  # Use Ctrl + Space to see autocomplete suggestion

  # ---- STARTERS ---- #

  # Starters describe events that will start the automation.

  # To add more than one starter, duplicate the "- type" section under "starters".

  # If you add multiple starter event, 


    - type: device.state.TemperatureSetting # Handles temperature points and modes of a thermostat device.

      state: thermostatTemperatureAmbient

      device: Upstairs bedrooms - Upstairs bedrooms

      lessThan: 17.5C


  # ---- ACTIONS ---- #

  # Actions will start when a starter event takes place and all conditions are met.

  # Actions will start in the order they appear in the script and with any delay specified.

  # To add more than one action, duplicate the "- type" section under "actions".


    - type: device.command.ThermostatTemperatureSetpoint

      devices: Upstairs bedrooms - Upstairs bedrooms


tTemperatureSetpoint: 20C


Community Member

Hey there, similar issue and sorry I don't have a fix. I have made a similar automation to the above but added a condition for time.between two values and this does not run unless Google home app is opened and device selected. I have another automation to turn off the AC when a certain temp is hit, this does sometimes work when the google home app isn't open but intermittently.

Wondering if this is something related to when the Google Home app actually polls the thermostat device to check temp and if this only happens with the google home app is open.  I am using a Sensibo air as the device for the  device.state.TemperatureSetting. I have tried to use a couple of Tapo temperature sensors as the starter triggers using device.state.TemperatureControl but the validaiton check on the script throws up an error for this as it says it isn't a recognised type, although the docs say it is??

Any help would be appreciated.