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Video History

Community Member

30-day video history.  I need day 31 for a property loss claim.  I went to access the video and realized I hit the 30-day mark.  
any way to get it?


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello PSnyder,


Thanks for reaching out here in the Community. Video history and snapshots expire and are automatically deleted during normal use. Here’s more information about when you should expect this to happen.


  • Video history expires on a rolling basis.
    • Depending on which Nest Aware subscription you have, your camera’s older footage and snapshots automatically expire and are deleted after a certain number of days.
    • If you don’t have a subscription, your camera can save activity for up to 3 hours before it expires and is deleted. Newer cameras offer up to 3 hours of Event-Based Recording (EBR), while older cameras offer up to 3 hours of photo snapshots instead.
  • Video history is deleted when you remove a camera from the app or cancel a Nest Aware subscription.
    • Nest Aware video history will be deleted at the end of your last billing period, or if you remove all cameras from your account.
    • 1st gen Nest Aware video history and snapshots are erased if you remove a camera from your account, or if you cancel your subscription.

To learn more, you may check our public article “Delete video history and snapshots”.