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triggering automation with automation

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Hi everyone,


I'm planning to make an automation that triggers two other automations, which have different conditions in order to create an if-else situation. Does anyone know how to do that?


Thank you!


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My approach is just a workaround in the current Google Home implementation.
The implementation below is written by Scripted Automation, but it can also be implemented with a normal routine.


Add a starter with the type "assistant.event.OkGoogle" and set the property "is" to a function name. It's better that the function name is not a valid English sentence. For example, I prefer "turn_off_the_tv" instead of "Turn off the TV".



  name: Turn off the Air
  description: Simply turn off the Air via scene in third party app

    - type: assistant.event.OkGoogle
      eventData: query
      is: turn_off_the_air

    - type: device.command.ActivateScene
      activate: true
      devices: Power off Air




Now in the script you wanna call the above script, you can trigger the script by specifying the function name with "assistant.command.OkGoogle".



    - type: assistant.command.OkGoogle
      okGoogle: turn_off_the_air
      devices: Nest - Living Room




Pretty good idea, I also had it. In my automations it does not work sadly, did you manage to get it working properly?

Yep, it works (at least when I test it last week).

Maybe you can provide your script then I can help you check it.

It's also possible that I miss something.

That's cool! My scripts look like that:




name: Untitled description: Caller



type: assistant.event.OkGoogle

eventData: query is: start my test routine


type: assistant.command.OkGoogle okGoogle: this_is_a_test devices: Badezimmer - Badezimmer



metadata:  name: Untitled2 description: Callee  automations:  starters:  type: assistant.event.OkGoogle eventData: query  is: this_is_a_test  actions:  type: assistant.command.Broadcast  message: it works devices: Badezimmer Badezimmer


Thanks for your help!

Feels like I can't find any obvious problem in your script. I only notice that you don't have the dash "-" in front of the keyword "type", but I'm not sure whether it's just a copy/paste problem.
Btw, you can use the "Insert/Edit code sample" to format your script to make it more understandable.



Thanks for the tip! I found a solution called "Google Home Playground". With that developer function you can create fake lights or other smart home devices. With the on/off states of them you can trigger other automations with an automation, works perfectly fine!

I also had the OkGoogle idea, but it doesn't want to work for me either.

The solution with the 'Google Home Playgroud' works perfectly. Thanks!!!