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Nest Thermostat and Nest Renew Question/Feedback

Community Member

I have a schedule set to run the A/C at night down to 72. At 5am it's supposed to go back up to 83 until mid afternoon. Twice now, it's still running at 72 degrees at 9am. I have Nest Renew with Prioritize cleaner energy turned on. Is this why it's still running? 

The information on the Nest Renew page isn't enough. More history would be helpful in figuring out if it's Nest Renew or something else. Also would tell us when cleaner energy occurs so we can also determine the better time to run dishwasher and other electronics. Actually all of this should be in the app as well.

An icon on the thermostat or app would be helpful as well to let us know that it's running due to Nest Renew/cleaner energy.

More information in general would be helpful.