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Seasonal savings could kill your baby

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So.. last night at 2am I noticed my baby's room was in the 50s even though our schedule sets the temperature to 68 at midnight (recommended temperature for baby's room). Imagine my surprise when I witnessed the tstat was OFF when it was freezing outside. Thank God I checked it at 2am.


After inspecting the tstat history, I noticed it was turned off earlier due to "auto schedule". I have auto schedule turned off for this tstat, mind you, because our 4mo olds room isn't on the same tstat as ours and we can't feel what she feels. We pretty much depend on her nest tstat to keep her safe and auto schedule is a terrible and erratic feature which is why we keep it off.

Earlier in the week we enabled seasonal savings and that was the big mistake! After researching, nothing said it turns off the tstat and only mentions a change of about 1 degree. Completely false.


I contacted support this morning and they basically left the chat when I complained (ref 3-2671000031427). People should know seasonal savings has the potential to kill their baby and does not just change the temp 1 degree. Her room was 10 degrees less than what it should have been and would have dipped lower!






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Terrifying.  Sorry you went through this friend, but glad you caught the situation so early.


It certainly feels like these 'smart' thermostats should not be as confident as they are.  Just small tweaks would make a big difference and small settings in the background can make huge differences in how it behaves.


Best of luck.

Google just needs to document this stuff better. If my research indicated it can turn the tstat off in the middle of the night, I would never have turned it on, but all the website says is an average shift of 1 degree.


Can't trust Google to make something so critical, also safe and with warnings where it does erratic behavior. 

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My nest turned on "seasonal savings" without asking -- it just did it. Almost killed one of my pets. Couldn't get a straight answer from nest support on how to ensure that they NEVER change the set points on MY thermostat.

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I moved into an apartment with a Nest system. I left the thermostat connected to the sensor in the baby’s room before sleeping and set it to 69. In the middle of the night I sprinted upstairs to disable my Nest that automatically put the temperature to 105 because it switched sensors! Completely unacceptable — child could have died or had seizures. I’m not sure how this products smart scheduling feature is safe for anyone with a child or pet.