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Unable to sign into the nest app using google auth, when connecting my nest app to my google home.

Community Member

Unable to sign into the nest app using google authentication, when connecting my nest app to my google home. The connection is completed through google home linked services.


When I access the nest app or website directly, I get the option to sign in through Google B2C auth. Just not when connecting to the nest app from Google home.


Therefore I cannot see my thermostats with google home.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Callumhester, 


Yikes! I'm sorry to hear that you're unable to sign into the Nest app using Google authentication when connecting it to your Google Home. Here are some steps you can try: 


  1. Ensure that you are logging into the Nest application using a Google account that is already paired with Google Home. Make sure your credentials are correct, as they refer to the correct Google account for authentication.
  2. Confirm that your device has a current version of the Nest app in order to use it properly and efficiently. In some cases, using obsolete software may encounter compatibility problems when integrating with Google Home. Upgrade your mobile gadget’s app store with the freshest version.
  3. At times, signing up is resolved by simply clearing your Nest app’s cache and data. Clear the cache and data that are related to the Nest app in the settings of your device. You should also be aware that when you clear the app’s data, you will have to log in once more because all the stored personal preferences and settings will go away as well.
  4. If the Nest app and Google Home fail to connect after disconnecting, try reconnecting them. Log in to the Google Home app, then click on the settings, look for the linked services and connected accounts segment, find Nest integration, and disconnect. Thereafter, reinstate the integration and check if this solves the sign-on problem as well.
  5. Make sure that the right access is provided to the Nest application on the Google Home App. Go to Settings under the Google Home app and click on “Linked Services” or “Connected Accounts." Look for Nest under these options and check whether all the required permissions are enabled.


Let us know how it goes.