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Devices can’t connect to internet after unmanaged switch used with Google Nest Wifi Pro

Community Member

Here is my set up:

Verizon 5G modem -> Google Nest Wifi Pro router -> Netgear GS308v3 unmanaged switch -> Netgear GS305v3 unmanaged switch and another Google Nest Wifi Pro (wired backhaul) -> devices. 

Many devices connected via Ethernet or wifi are able to access the internet fine. This list includes TVs, iPhones, Wyze devices, iPad, Apple TV, etc. But my MacBooks and Mac Pro cannot access the internet (whether I connect wirelessly or via Ethernet. 

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance. 




Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

MacOS, iOS and iPadOS devices sometimes have issues with wireless reliability and Nest Wifi because of following settings on these devices:

HTTP Proxy: Set to "none".

Private IP Address (Mac randomization): Disable.

I don't work for Google.

Thanks for the reply olavrb. Unfortunately, that’s not the issue. I’ve already disabled those settings. 

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Ok, turns out the switches aren’t the problem. I reset everything and started over. Everything work fine until I connect my second Google Nest Wifi Pro with Ethernet. The wired backhaul is messing things up. Is there something I need to do to make that work?

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Ok. I think I’ve got this resolved. Seems like I just had to do everything in sequence and then power cycle it all. 

  • First set up Nest Wifi router
  • then set up another Nest Wifi as a point, and do it wirelessly
  • then, move it to where I wanted it and connect to Ethernet. 
  • Let it power up and connect, test mesh, etc. 
  • then power cycle the whole system. 

Now it works. 


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello everyone,

@olavrb, your help here is greatly appreciated. 

@tylergarns, thanks for the update. I'm glad that everything worked out for you. Please let me know if you need anything since I'm going to lock this thread within 24 hours. If you have further concerns, please feel free to create a new post.

Best regards,