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Nest WiFi Connection issues: Don't buy any of their networking devices. Return them while you can.

Community Member

I have repeatedly contacted support to resolve my issues. I am brought through the same troubleshooting steps. The issue persists. It's well documented that they do not work properly and have issues since day one.

Fully updating your firmware, resetting your network, changing the DNS settings, and many other troubleshooting steps do not resolve the connectivity issues that requires at least one, sometimes multiple, restarts of the device. You may have connectivity from anywhere from a couple hours to a couple days. The issue with connectivity will come back.

You may feel hopeful that there will be a firmware update, crush that hope before your soul gets crushed instead. The issue will not be fixed.

You may think that the support team will help you, they won't. They will bring you through the same troubleshooting steps multiple times and will not listen when you say that it does not fix the issue

Buyer beware, do not purchase any kind of nest networking equipment. If you have purchased it then return it will you can. Unless you enjoy burning money, then feel free to proceed with your purchase.