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Control devices trough API

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this is more of a general question.

I would like to use Google Home to connect and control my smart devices but would also like to code my own automations. In fact I am currently developing a cloud application that helps me automate tasks in some edge-cases, no existing automation is currently capable of (in an easy matter at least). Now I would like to connect my cloud application to my Google Home, allowing the cloud application to control my devices trough that.

Is something like this possible with Googles current implementation? (Like it is possible with Samsung SmartThings)

Thanks a lot!


Solutions Expert
Solutions Expert

Hi, thanks for reaching out. It is possible to use triggers and actions provided by Google side to control the devices. However, you cannot create your own automation platform within Google Home app.

By the way, what complex edge cases do you mean? We can check if we can add them to our roadmap in the future.