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A Prank Alarm Goes Off at Midnight

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Every night at midnight the google mini alarm goes off and says "Hehe". Then stops without me stopping it. I have asked the device what alarms and notifications are set, and it says there aren't any. Have have looked on the app and don't see anything. What more can I do?




Does anyone else on your Wi-Fi network have access to your Nest Mini?

Just my wife. She is more annoyed by it than I am. There may be a friend who has connected to my main wifi (not guest), but if they are pranking me, they have been consistent every night for years (and continued after I moved). I am 40; my friends aren't that adventurous. 


This seems really odd. This has been going on for years?

Have you tried a simple reboot, either by unplugging the Nest Mini for a minute or so or from within the Google Home app?

Have you tried removing the Nest Mini from the Google Home app and doing a factory reset?

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yeah do a factory reset. And I'm sorry but this is HILARIOUS; you must go to bed late or have no problems going back to sleep there is no way on God's green earth I wouldn't have already thrown that Google Nest out the window/into the trash after a week of this insanity, let alone YEARS. LOL. Said with Love, good luck with a solution (remember you CAN always trash it) May Jesus bless and keep you and your wife in these dark crazy times. 

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No "friend" is up every night pranking you. The behavior described is that of an Automation with announcement rather than alarm. If there's a scheduled automation, the mini will reply in the negative to an "Do I have an alarm set" query. Maybe start the Home app, tap Automations on the left and see if anything has a 12:00 am start time and make sure the Active slider is off or delete it. If deleting, set active slider off, save, then go back and delete.

I can not recall exactly the question I asked to my mini, but once there was an Automation not showing in Home app and the mini reported it. It might have been "Do I have an automation?" (I believe I had deleted mine without turning off). I simply told the mini to cancel it. Even if the mini has no clue, tell the mini to cancel the automation. Okay Google, cancel the automation.

Have you changed your Google account password in the "years" this has been going on?

This makes a lot of sense, and seems the most likely. I checked the Automations on my phone and didn't find anything that would cause this. I have not had a chance to check my wife's phone. If not, I am wondering if my son (who doesn't have his own phone) let one of his friends connect and they added this automation. Is there a way to clear all "Personal" automations from the account that are not my own?

... yes, I have changed my Google account password since this started

I'm curious. How many things do you voice control: Wi-Fi bulbs, switches, thermostat, etc.? How many Minis?

A thought or two about that factory reset you did...Did you delete the device from Google Home before doing the reset? Did you clear the Google Home cache? Did you give the device a new name when setting it up again?

This one is not a fix, but since it is happening at exactly 12 AM, perhaps try looking at Digital Wellbeing. Schedule down time on that speaker from 11:59 PM until 12:01 AM. Whatever is happening at midnight still happens. Just maybe you won;t hear it.

Let's see here.

Is there a way to clear all "Personal" automations from the account that are not my own?

Personal automations are personal to the account, not mobile device. Your wording indicates a single Gmail account which you and your wife share, "the account." That's no different than a single person like myself (one account) with two devices. If I were to configure a personal automation on my phone, it is visible and deletable from my tablet as well as the phone.

A shared Home is different from a shared account. In a shared Home situation, someone sets up a device or two or 30 using their own Gmail account and then shares the Home with another account. Both the initial account and shared account have equal access to all configured devices and household routines.

Personal automations on the shared device (one account) would not be visible on your device (different account). If you have a shared Home rather than single account, you'll need to see Automations on your wife's phone.

You can tell if the Home has been shared and with how many. Open the Google Home app and tap settings at far left bottom. Just below your Home name and address there should circles. In my case there are two circles.

My first is a circled W, first letter of e-mail address, and second is a circled + which is for adding shared users. The first circles might have a tiny picture if a photo is associated with the account.

If there are more circles than one circle for you, one for your wife, and the + then the Home is shared elsewhere and that needs to be deleted. Tapping a circle opens another screen where you can see the e-mail associated and a trash can top right for deleting.

Since you have checked your routines and assuming you don't find an extra Home share and don't find some 12 AM strangeness on your wife's phone routines, delete her from sharing. Rename the Home and change the address. Clear the cache from both Google Home and Google Assistant apps on her phone then invite her to join the new home. She'll have full control of any devices and household routines. Personal routines will be Google Home default. You can go back to the correct Home name and address.

I suppose you could create a second Home in the Home app. Then move everything to the new Home and delete the first. Routines go with the Home. You would need to recreate any household routines as well as personal in the new Home.