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Can't even set a reminder without personalization all around the apartment

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I have provided much feedback on basic issues but finding increasingly more frustration than with a competing product I kept unplugged for several  years. Several months ago I'm in bed, almost asleep, I'm trying just to set a reminder. Nope, can't do that now because I have to set some permission in the Home app. Couldn't figure that out since it's unclear and then finally figured out what and where Assistant wants some permission checked.

Now a similar problem happens in my kitche, as there is a requirement for voice matching. And every Nest/Home speaker around the house requires this. While I can appreciate the desire for security, it has become so cumbersome for my basic needs so as to be unweildy and then there is the glaring 'security hole' or flaw in the framework. It's an odd thing to use devices from other manufacturers to connect to and control my GSuite calendar but Google devices still have several roadblocks to accomplish it. The solution? Take out the basic competing devices to use and continue down that path. Somehow they also seem to determine properly which speaker is being used and don't set alarms on the wrong devices. Consider the nature of the issues and need to make management of things like this very simple so as not to be extremely obtrusive.


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Community Specialist

Hello BlackBelt, 

Thanks for posting and I'm sorry for this experience.

Reminders may contain personal information, the reason why some permission needs to be enabled to get this feature working. The same goes with why Google Workspace accounts are not officially supported since your organization may deny the Google Home access to some information needed for the device to work. You can send feedback to our product team about this.

Let me know if you have other questions or concerns; otherwise, I'll be locking this thread in the next 24 hours.