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Create recurring event

Community Member

i want to create an weekly event every wednesday at 6:30 am

i tried:
'create a weekly event called Test on wednesday at 6:30 am'

'create an event called Test on every wednesday at 6:30 am'

'create an event' -> 'every wednesday at 6:30 am' -> 'called Test'

but to no avail, i could create an event at wednesday, but it wasn't recurring.

how can i do it?


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi eusebioleite,


Thanks for posting, I totally understand that this is a good feature to use with your Nest speaker  but, this feature is not yet available. I'd suggest you submit feedback about it, here's how

Note: Uers can't delete, cancel, or modify an event, add invitees, or set a location with voice commands. This is done in the Google Calendar app or on desktop. Here is a helpful link for you. 

Let us know if you have other questions and concerns otherwise, we will be locking this thread after 24 hours.