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Different accounts under the same wifi

Community Member

So there is two nest hubs in our house one for the family and one for me personally. My personal one i would like to have my spotify, my google calanders and my google maps etc connected to which has worked. But on the family nest it is also connected. I was wondering how to disconnect my calander, spotify etc on the family nest so they dont all have access to my information


Community Member

It’s suppose to be all through voice recognition. When I ask google about my day, it recognizes my voice and tells me about my appointments and my travel time to work. When my husband asks google for his day, it recognizes his vice (and since he doesn’t have his colander sync) google says “there is nothing on your calendar today” or something like that. So it doesn’t give my family any of my info because of voice recognition. The same with calls. If I say “call mom” it knows to call my mom in my contact list. If my husband says “call mom” it knows to call his mom lol. It’s pretty cool.