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Disable low light functionality

Community Member

During low light conditions, I do not want my Hub to show either the digital clock or turn off the screen.  I want it to actually do nothing (disabled). 

Is there some way to make this happen?  If not, please make it a new feature. 

I do not know how it doesn't annoy consumers whenever room lighting goes dark, and you want to see your selected fullscreen clock instead of that generic digital clock.  Every time you turn your light on and off, it switches.  Why not just have it do nothing?


Community Member

the ux is so dumb that if you turn of the display of the nest and then turn off the mic (so it stops listening), it would turn on the screen again so it can show you the "mic off" message


Its imposible for the screen to be off and the mic to be off at the same time, for me its a bug.