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Display won’t find Apple Music playlists

Community Member

I have two displays, a Google home 1st gen and a Nest hub. I subscribe to Apple Music. I have reset the 2 displays multiple times and unlinked and relinked Apple Music multiple times.

on the display there is an icon under Media- Show my playlists.
Assistant informs me “it looks like you don’t have any playlists set up on Apple Music”.

I am able to start a playlist with voice commands.

Should this feature work with Apple Music or am I missing some setup in Apple Music or Google Home?

I don’t mind using the voice command but it requires me have a list of the precise names to use the right commands.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey JimS1225,


We’re always trying to improve our user’s experience, but at this moment, playing your playlist can only be initiated via voice commands. The media page will show music, videos, podcasts, news recommendations, and ongoing media activities. You can also start and stop the media from this page. Check this article for more information.


Let us know if you have other questions or concerns otherwise, we;ll lock the thread after 24 hours.


Best regards,