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Google Hub gen2

Community Member

Just got a Hub gen 2 for my mom who is 91 amd I want set reminders for her to take her medication but have it keep asking until she replies or lets it know she got the reminder.  Does anyone have suggestions for this.  Thanks 


Community Member

Hi Bellarosie!

Great choice with the Nest Hub 2!

What you'll need to try is to make sure the Nest Hub is coming up in your Home app (ensure the Google account is signed in)

In the Google Calendar App:

create a new "Reminder"

Where it says "Remind me to..." put i.e. Take Medication

Choose a date

Where it says "Does not Repeat" choose a repetition for example "Every Day"


You can then set multiple daily, weekly, monthly reminders using the same process.

(Make sure the correct Google account is signed in on both devices and that sharing permissions are active)


Info below:


I hope this helps!