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How to fix volume of Google Nest Audio speaker within speaker group?

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Question: Can I fix volume for my individual Nest Audio speaker...within a speaker group? Is this possible?

I'm trying to use the Google Nest Audio as a  fixed volume 'ambience' surround speaker in my hallway...which is in my Chromecast (main stereo) speaker group. 

Overall, Trying to get individual speaker volume to work easily...I'm a bit flummoxed...the experience seems much more confusing than Airplay. I'm thinking of returning the Nest Audio and getting a Sonos/other that still works with Google Home, I hope.


Those are all great things…I’m already heavily invested in the google home ecosystem: google tv, YouTube music, lighting/power through Wiz connected to google home. I did this on purpose—so hopefully the whole automated home thing  would be easier to use / less bugs / less chance of patent infringement shenanigans. 

To my question

  • I need to (easily) control individual speaker volumes in speaker groups,
  • and hopefully fix the volume for individual speakers in the same group

Can I do both? How?
Perhaps, there a definitive guide on Google Home speaker groups that would answer my question clearly. 

It ‘seems’ that Sonos can do both things. I’m willing to go that more 2x expensive route if it doesn’t make the overall google home experience worse. 

My scenario:

I want to increase YouTube music volume of my main stereo (connected to google tv)  with my iPhone’s volume rocker. I can do this now. The new part: for The ambient speaker in the hall is connected to the same speaker group—The ambient speaker volume remains the same…same in dining room…same in kitchen. 




























































































































































































































































































































Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello everyone, 

Thanks for your help here, @MikeClark.

@grahama1970, you can control the volume of each of the devices in your speaker group using both voice commands and the Google Home app. Visit this support website for more information.

Let me know if you have other concerns or questions.


So far it’s been challenging user experience. Perhaps, speaker group support  is still in beta?

  • I can’t change individual volume in YouTube music, I have to to switch to google home
  • there’s no fixed volume for an individual speaker in the group 
  • when selecting YouTube music in google home…it takes me to the iOS app download page
  • At times, the speaker group will not connect (permanent connecting graphic), but individual speaker (Chromecast)  will connect. With fiddling, it finally connects. 
  • at times, the speaker group is not avail (for casting) in the YouTube (video) app, YouTube music seems to have less problems. 

Maybe this speaker-group-thing is still a work in progress? That’s ok,  if I have some indication that google/nest is aware and working on it. I’ll report back occasionally as I continue to use it…maybe I’ll find work-arounds. I would like to see the experience improve:) I also have a wiim pro that supports YouTube music. Maybe that will work better—maybe not. 


















































































































































Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello grahama1970, 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us. We are continuously working to improve the experience of our customers who are using Google Home and Nest devices. We'll greatly appreciate it if you can send feedback to our product team on the Google Home app.

Let us know if you have additional questions or concerns; otherwise, I'll close the thread after 24 hours.