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Insignia speaker no longer gives Reminders

Community Member

My Insignia speaker worked until Reminders disappeared. Google Home shows my device. Installed Tasks App but can't figure out to make speaker announce simple Reminder or Task, i.e. Take pills.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Mel24,


Thanks for visiting the Google Nest Community. Please note that we have very limited support for third-party speakers with a built-in Google Assistant, like your Insignia speaker. The integration of Google Assistant into third-party devices like your Insignia speaker is different from that of Google Home or Nest speakers.


Normally, we will just voice command Google Home devices: “Remind me to <title> <date> <time>.”. When it's time for the reminder, the speaker or display will play a sound, and Google Assistant will announce the reminder that was set. It is best to report this to Insignia support for better assistance, as you may be instructed to do some troubleshooting steps.