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Mini skipping Spotify

Community Member
  • Is this a new issue? Did your Spotify play on your Google Nest Mini device before?
    • Mini always played Spotify playlists normally. 
  • When you say 'skipping', what exactly is happening? Is it not playing Spotify in general? Or is it skipping songs?
    • Skipping songs, playing some songs partially and than skipping (back and forward sometimes)
  • Are you playing Spotify via Google Assistant (your voice) or casting through your phone?
    • Playing via casting
  • Does this issue happen only with Spotify? What about YouTube, Pandora, etc.?
    • I only use Spotify for casting songs.
  • Are you seeing any error messages on your Google Home App or Spotify App?
    • No errors. At some point Mini will disconnect from Spotify
  • Actions already took
    • Forced logoff all Spotify sessions
    • Tried with other accounts and mobile phones, in different OSes (Android and iOS)
    • Remove and reinstalled Spotify app
    • Reset Mini
  • Mini info:
    • Original Google Mini (1st Gen)
    • Firmware: 1.56.264660
  • Is your Google Nest Mini powering on and working besides this issue?
  • What troubleshooting steps have you taken? (reboot, reset) If so, what have you done?
I appreciate your patience and look forward to your response. Thanks!