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Music control randomly switching to Google Home when casting YouTube Music randomly.

Community Member

I have this intermittent issue when casting music from YouTube Music from my phone to my Nest Mini. Sometimes without any prompt it looks like the casting of the music switches to Google Home, so if I go to play another song I have to get YouTube Music to cast again as Google Home is now Casting the music. Home seems to be pulling directly from YouTube Music as it continues to play the tracks in the playlist I'm listening to but if I want to play a specific track I have to stop casting and cast from YouTube Music again to do so. 

Is this a bug or something at my end?


Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

Hey @ThatDude,

One thing that is happening here is that whenever you use an app to Cast to the Google Home Mini, the Google Home app understands that there is something playing on the Wifi and displays that in the Google Home app and in the notifications tray for certain devices. Depending on what phone you are using, you may see a notification for the YouTube Music app and the Google Home app that music is playing.

Because you started the stream on the YouTube Music app you should be able to go back into the app and change your music without the need to recast.

To solve this, in the Home app under the Google Home Mini, tap the 3 dot menu and Open Device Settings. Under Recognition & Sharing you can turn off Let others control your cast media. Turning this off with disable seeing that notification from the Google Home app and will hopefully solve your issue.

If that doesn't solve your issue please let me know.