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My Google nest hub gen 1 is stuck on this screen and idk what to do

Community Member

A reset worked for mine when this happened......but not this method

Try unplugging, hold the volume buttons, continue holding while plugging back in, and continue holding while it boots up

Good luck with that. They were very helpful and even agreed that it should be replaced. They suddenly changed tack when I said I was in NZ as 'we do not support Google products in NZ'. Well - they bloody sell them here so, they should. This is a common problem of late with the Google screens - but they will not admit that its due to a software update. I have now given up on Google 'smart' home. I ended up buying the JBL smart hub. Superior sound over the crappy Google screen, but ultimately you are still dealing with the digital idiot in the device that can't understand decent English. Watch more posts appear like this, in this sub.