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My remote controlled powersockets wont work

Community Member

I have a modest setup of 4 Nest Audios and a Lenovo Smartwatch in my home currently.

I also have a few remote controlled outlet "switches" from Deltaco. They are linked with my Google Home and I can see the name of the devices that I have given them in my Deltaco Home app. And I can control them using the app. But now days I can't give my setup voice commands to power of the units.


The Nest devices and the Lenovo watch repsonds something like "You have not yet configure" your lights. (When the device was name "Bedroom Light") But if i rename the unit to just "Bedroom" instead I don't even get any reslut/feedback from the Google Home devices.


I've have just the exact same products earlier and could ask it to turn of all kind of things. So what has happend?



/Nicklas Astfors, Sweden


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey Nicklas,


Thanks for reaching out.


I appreciate all the details you've shared. Before you experienced this, have you made any changes on your network settings? 


Let's try first to reboot all your devices, including your Google Nest speakers, lights and switches as well as your router simply by unplugging it from the power source for at least a few minutes? As soon as the devices are all plugged in, try the command "OK Google, sync my devices". Once done, try controlling your devices and see if it works.